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A hundred years ago, there was a new kind of party born right here in New England. They were usually small intimate gatherings held in the home. The host would hire a medium to provide the entertainment. His job was to prove the very existence of ghosts to entertain the guests! These parties were wildly popular and swept the nation. What to see what it was like?

Haunt Your Party!

After years of painstaking research, Steve Gibson has revived this long-lost entertainment and added his own touches to create a thrilling experience you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

-Something fun and different, if you like scary movies, you will love this!

-Shows in Connecticut start at only $290!

What do you get with Haunt Your Party?

• A hands-on demonstration of haunted items. You will not only hear tales of these horrors, but see them in action.
• The tools and methods of the Séance medium. This is the stuff that has amazed and thrilled people for over 100 years.
• Do the spirits return? They will if you book Haunt Your Party!
• Steve will arrive with everything to create an atmosphere suitable to the experience. Most shows are performed in the living room or where ever your guests can be comfortably seated

What people are saying about Haunt Your Party

  • Dr. Brian Duff -Providence Rhode Island
    We hired Steve to perform his haunted show for a small dinner party at our home. It was January and we wanted to do something different for our friends. It was the best party we ever hosted! It was scary, fun, and my guests loved it.
    Dr. Brian Duff -Providence Rhode Island
  • Lauren Harwood Taunton Massachusetts
    I told you ghosts were real!
    Lauren Harwood Taunton Massachusetts
  • Debbie Burnette –Chicago Il
    Steve Gibson performs a seriously spooky show with touches of humor thrown in. He uses real Victorian era tools, so you get a taste of history as well.  I would highly recommend Steve for your party!
    Debbie Burnette –Chicago Il

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